We believe that one of the best ways to get involved in a local church is through serving. Here are some areas where you can make a difference.


By being a host, you'll get to interact with everyone who visits FBC on any given weekend. If you have great people skills and thrive at hospitality, this is the team for you!


Serving with our kidz team means you have to be high-energy and excited about sharing the love of Jesus with children! Areas include: pre-school, elementary, tech, and check-in. If you enjoy organized chaos, then Kidz is the place to be!


Middle school and high school are some of the most formative years in someone's life. This team strives to equip students 6th-12th grade for life as a follower of Jesus. If you feel called to lead and mentor students, then this is the place where you belong.


The goal of our worship team is to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus through music. We have teams for our traditional and modern worship services. Our traditional team features singers, pianists, choir singers, guitarist, and drummers. Our modern worship band consists of singers, guitars, drums, and keys. If you are musically gifted and want to lead others in worship, this is where you'll want to be!


Our tech team makes everything in our main worship room run on Sundays! This team ensures that the worship/message on weekends is presented and communicated clearly. Roles within our tech team include: graphics/ProPresenter, audio, and cameras. If you like pushing buttons and working behind the scenes,

then this is the prefect fit!


Our security team ensures that our campus is a safe place for everyone to attend!